About Hasp

Hasp is a trick taking game that is played in teams of 2 vs 2 (it can also be played with 3 or 2 players in which case there are no teams). After players are dealt out the cards, they study their hands and before playing their very first card they attempt to predict an outcome. In so doing, they add points to the current round which means that the winning team will win more victory points.

So players need to be careful as any added points will go to the winners regardless of their own prediction. If players are unsure, they can chose to pass on the predictions not to risk giving too many points to their opponents.

Hasp is our second game from the World of Zura !


They worked on Hasp

Christian Kruchten and Dennis Kirps: game design
Joseph Canouil: illustrations
Karishma Kusurkar: graphic design


Dutch: Alfred Das
German: Markus Uhl
Italian: Raffaela Endrizzi
Spanish: Tânia Da Silva



– 2 to 4 players
– 10 + years


– 28 cards
– 1 note pad
– 5 victory point tokens
– Rule sheets in 6 languages (English, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish)


EN // DE // ITA // ES // PT // NL

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‘Hasp’ is a great introductory trick taking game. It adds a little bit of complexity from the original trick taking games with the bidding, determining trump and the team play but it does this in a very natural and easy to learn way.

Adam Porter

Beautiful artwork. Takes the contract concept and runs with it. (7th in my Top 10 new to me Trick Taking games).

Great trick taking game, fast to learn and totally love the illustrations!

Super cute trick taking game. Easy rules for new card players which is accessible for families.

Interesting whist variant with a couple of nice twists and some lovely artwork.


A new and fresh take to the take that genre. You’ll play it over and
over again!