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About Agie Games

Agie Games is a small table top games publisher. We believe that what defines us best is our friendly and loyal relationship with all the people around us: Designers with whom we create original new games. Illustrators who magically shape and colour our ideas. Manufacturers who transform our ideas into physical, playable games. Distributors who help us get the games onto your table. And you. The people we enjoy playing games with.

When we think about the games we want to publish, we spend a lot of time talking and listening to their designers. We want to translate their ideas into games for you to have fun with. Once we understand how to develop these ideas, we sprinkle them all with a little magic and hey presto!

People we like to work with

Agie Games is a small company run by two people who are looking to bring fun games onto the table for you to explore with your family and friends. Whilst we support the idea of taking the hobby to the next level, we also want to make sure that there are still some companies making great games that you can play with your children, or introduce your friends to the hobby with. Therefore we chose not to focus on games that are too complex, or too mature in content. So for now… let’s focus on a healthy dose of fun with the help of these amazing people:

Alfred Das: Alfred is an awesome person who, with the simple power of his sheer will, has infused our games with that extra little touch that only a gamer can detect. He is our go-to playtester as he always asks the right questions and helps us steer our games into the right direction. Sometimes we suspect his two sons might be behind everything he does, but we pretend we don’t know a thing about that…

Helen Earley: Helen writes really well. She’s also super friendly. If you ever meet her in person you’ll just want to talk to her and nobody else. We like to get some of her friendlyness and writing skills onto our website and she is kind enough to dedicate some of her time to create the content you lay your eyes on when browsing our website. She’s life-saving, which is funny because she’s working on a documentary about lighthouses at the moment… she kinda is a lighthouse herself… figuratively speaking.

Joseph Canouil: Joseph is a freelancer with a wide range of skills related to the visual arts. He makes everything look amazing and totally gets what we, at Agie Games, are trying to do. Be it as an illustrator or as a graphic designer, his talents seem to know no boundaries! We love working with Joseph and nothing goes into production without his approval! We feel lucky that we’ve crossed paths with him as he turned indispensible to us. Look out for this name!

Mike Best: Mike is an amazing photographer who has over 15 years of experience in the world of 3D renders. He really knows how to look at a game from the right angle with the right light and make it look all shiny and pretty. But that’s not all! The amount of detail he puts into the images he creates are mind-blowing. It’s amazing to see how a single mind can create what normally requires a whole team of professionals.

Pedro Codeço: Pedro is our go-to illustrator. We’re not really sure what’s happening inside his head and we rather not ask. All we really want is the final result of his beautiful illustrations. The fisrt time we’ve seen his work we were immediately transported into a new, beautifully different world. And that’s exactly what we want you to experience with our games… so who better than Pedro? Whilst we do want to find and encourage new talents, we know that we will always be able to count on Pedro for anything we need.