The story

Violet is a young girl who is nothing but trouble to her parents. Being adventurous and ignoring her parents’ warnings about the dangers in the forest, she decides one night to climb out her bedroom window and wander into the forest, hoping to discover hidden treasures to be found only under the moonlight. What she doesn’t know is that she is fated to become best friends (the greatest of treasures) with a kind Troll… if she bumps into him before the sun rises. For when the sunlight hits a troll, they transform into a rock for the day. And if this was to happen, Violet would never again have the chance to meet this particular troll.

The grumpy Nisse Torech though, will have no such thing! Aware of what fate has reserved for Violet, and opposing such nonsense as trolls befriending humans, he will do all in his power, to prevent Violet from meeting this troll.

About the game

The Grumpy Nisse, is a 2-player card game where one player is Violet and the other is Torech. Torech tries to prevent Violet from reaching the end of the forest before sunrise, in which case he will win the game. Players will play out one card each and compare their strengths to determine who wins the round, if Violet, then she will progress, otherwise she’ll have to try again. Some of the spots in the forest will trigger events that can make the game harder for either one or the other player, so players need to be careful in how they play out their cards.

The Grumpy Nisse

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