Hello all,

We sincerely hope that you have all been well and managed through Pandemic-craze without any incidents and your health intact. As you can imagine, due to Covid (and I will not write this word again in this article)  we have cancelled all our scheduled events for the past two years now. It was sad that Spiel 2020 did not happen, and despite it seeming to go ahead this year, we decided to not attend this year either.

This however does not mean that we stopped! We used the time to reflect a little about what our future is going to look like and of course, developed new game ideas. If you have been following us online (on Instagram maybe?), you might have heard of The Grumpy Nisse. A great little game that you can print out yourself for free, and with little effort and few additional components it’s ready to play! We released this in 2020 to help gamers all around the world get excited about trying new games during lock-down.

Since then we received great feedback and decided to explore the idea a little further to see whether we could turn it into an even better game. And so we spent most of the second half of 2020 and first half of 2021 testing, developing, and improving the formula. We are really happy with what we turned up with. Violet and the Grumpy Nisse is so far the most thematic game in our humble catalogue. It’s a 2-player game that has one player taking the role of Violet, and the other player taking the role of Torech, the grumpy Nisse. Violet is travelling across the Forest in the night, and finds that her journey is being made harder by the Grumpy Nisse.

Here is a first look at the cover concept art. Next time we will talk a little bit about game play. Stay tuned!

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